About Aberdeen, Boynton Beach

Aberdeen is a Community (mandatory) membership residential country club. Joining Aberdeen requires a membership application fee, as well as, the purchase of an equity or payment of an initiation fee. 

Each year a member may select the dues category that they wish from the ones that they qualify for based upon their level of equity. This choice is for the entire Club fiscal year. They may upgrade during the year, but may not downgrade till the next Club fiscal year. Below are links to the various membership categories and the related dues.

Before buying into a Membership Equity property it is important that you understand what will be required financially. Having an Equity Membership gives the member the right to use the club’s facilities, whereas "non-members" will not have these rights. 

Equities, Joining, Initiation and Membership Application Fees

Aberdeen Golf & Country Club is a community (mandatory) membership club for residents only. There are a limited number of non-resident memberships available. Click here for more information on the non-resident program. 

There are levels of membership each requiring different equity levels to achieve that membership category. Class B and Class C Memberships requires a $3,000 initiation fee. ALL classes require a non-refundable Membership Application Fee of $20,000. In addition, there is an equity or initiation fee that is required as follows:
Class A Full Equity Membership    $20,000 (equity)
Class B Tennis Membership    $10,000 (equity)
Class C Social Membership    $7,500 (equity)
Class D Social Membership (non-voting)    $6,500 (initiation fee - non-refundable)
All Initiation and Membership Application Fees are due and payable in full at time of the initial election.
Upon the sale of their property, Members may receive the equity portion paid by the purchaser up to one hundred percent 100 % of the amount of the member’s paid-in equity. 

In accordance with the Club’s By-laws, Equities, Joining Fees, Initiation Fees and Membership Application Fees may be adjusted periodically at the discretion of the Board of Directors.          
If a Class D Non-Voting/Non-Equity Social member elects to upgrade to an Equity class, any previous payment of an Initiation fee or Membership Application fee will not be applied to the Equity purchase. 

If an Equity member elects to upgrade to a higher Equity class, any previous payment of an Initiation fee or Membership Application fee will not be applied to the Equity purchase.  


What does it mean to have an Equity Membership?

Fewer members mean more availability of playing times. Some public golf courses require that you reserve a tee time in advance, and the time you desire might not be available. Many equity clubs do not require that you reserve a starting time, but even if they do, the fewer number of players make desirable starting times more available. The condition of an equity golf course is generally much better than that of most public courses, because there is more money available for maintenance and because fewer players put less wear and tear on the course. For the same reason, the facilities and food might be of much higher quality than those offered at a public course.


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