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Deborah Puleo

Real Estate Broker/Owner





        The Oak Agency was founded by Deborah Puleo for one reason and that is to add a strong force of integrity driven real estate agents to work with the public.  Deborah serves her community as a Guardian Ad Litem being the voice of children in need.  The Oak Agency; led by Deborah works with the public to make a difference in individual's lives with each transaction as well as on a community level.  

        Deborah Puleo has been selling real estate for the last 14 years and is a South Florida native.  It is a passion of hers and her view on real estate is that it is not only a monumental personal moment, but it's also an investment for her clients.  Her loyalty and commitment to clients has gained her lifelong friends and many satisfied clients that instill complete trust and confidence in Deborah.  It's no wonder that Deborah has established a team of agents that are like-minded and work hand in hand with Deborah to serve clients in all of South Florida and volunteer in our communities!   We don't just sell real estate, we LOVE real estate!