What is Giving Back to Heroes of South Florida About?

Giving Back to Heroes of South Florida is a proud partner with Homes for Heroes. Giving Back to Heroes of South Florida is about supporting our local community and the Heroes that work every day to help us. From the teachers that are educating our children, police officers and military personnel risking their lives, dedicated nurses and doctors that are saving lives; you all deserved to be thanked! This is one of the ways that The Oak Agency and Giving Back to Heroes can help. Homes for Heroes was formed in 2001, following the tragedy of September 11, 2001, and bolstered by a shared admiration for all the “heroes” employed as firefighter, emergency medical technicians and law enforcement officers, A group of Minnesota business owners created an innovative network comprised of real estate professionals, mortgage bankers and title companies prepared to give real savings to their communities' Heroes when they buy or sell a home.

This program is our way to say thank you!